Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Infolinks for Advertising

I recently started using another advertising platform - Infolinks.

Its CTR and CPC is very similar to Kontera and Adbrite. On average, most clicks pay 4 to 5 cents for me. This is contextual advertising, so the content would have a lot to do with what ads appear and what you may earn from a click. It seems most of my sites and blogs do not possess high paying keywords that correspond to the clicks.

Now I have had a few 50 to 75 cent clicks which would be nice to have all the time.

The report center in Infolinks is very simple and straighforward. You have two choices with the reports available - Daily detail and Summary Only. The report center is not very advanced and doesn't allow such things as what url the viewer was on when they made a click or what keyword the ad corresponded to as Kontera has.

Basically, it will just show how many impressions per site and how many clicks. It also shows your CTR percentage and eCPM earnings, and of course earnings at the very end.

I find that having more than one advertising platform were website or blog has its advantages.

Infolinks also has what they call Page Related Tags, which I find are appealing to users. They are a series of related tags to the content that appear horizontally. When a user hovers over them, an ad will appear. You just take a simple snippet of code and place it where you want the tags to appear. Very simple to do.

If you are looking for another advertising platform, give Infolinks a try. You will have to submit an application, so try to use your best site or the site with the most traffic. My application was approve in about 2 days. Just be aware that you must get approval for domain based websites before you can put advertising code on the site. If you have a Blogger site/blog like this, you can just add code by going through the integration guide.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

2009 Highest Paying Adsense Keywords

Here is a list of the highest paying keywords for Google Adwords and Google Adsense.

All credit goes to the Admin at

Using this list will give you a good idea of what you will pay for specific keywords to use in advertising with Adwords or also what a click on your content may pay if using adsense.